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Awed Smileys

How often are you awed by a friend or someone at work? Even if you aren't, there is always a satirical way to use awed smileys as well. All of us have that one person who appears to at the wrong place at the wrong time speaking all that we do not intend to hear. And there are people who simply leave us awe inspired. The awed animated smileys come with a variety of messages and expressions that emulate some of the age old ways of expressing respect or conceding humility and some can also be used in many tweaked ways to have some sarcastic fun.
You Are The Man
Rated: 0 0   Copied: 20 times 20   Favorited: 2 times 2
You Are The Man Smiley
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Bow Down Before You
Rated: 0 0   Copied: 20 times 20   Favorited: 5 times 5
Bow Down Before You Smiley
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Bow Down Together
Rated: 0 0   Copied: 10 times 10   Favorited: 3 times 3
Bow Down Together Smiley
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Bow Down Wave
Rated: 4.5 (1 votes) 4.5   Copied: 16 times 16   Favorited: 2 times 2
Bow Down Wave Smiley
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We Are Not Worthy
Rated: 0 0   Copied: 17 times 17   Favorited: 2 times 2
We Are Not Worthy Smiley
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Thank You
Rated: 5 (1 votes) 5   Copied: 19 times 19   Favorited: 6 times 6
Thank You Smiley
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You Are The Woman
Rated: 4 (4 votes) 4   Copied: 23 times 23   Favorited: 7 times 7
You Are The Woman Smiley
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Bow To Each Other
Rated: 0 0   Copied: 4 times 4   Favorited: 2 times 2
Bow To Each Other Smiley
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