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Angry Smileys - Page 2

We all loved that smiley face, turning red, inflating and then bursting into boom. It was perhaps one of the most widely used smileys, given the fact that we get angry on more occasions than feeling any other emotion. Our collection of angry smileys can really come handy when you are bubbling with rage, disappointment, helplessness or sheer frustration. Whether you are in the mood and feel like whipping someone or feel like tearing your hair due to a silly act of someone close, you can get angry animated smileys suiting every situation that you can think of or be in.
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Yelling Smiley
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Pissed Smiley
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Combust Smiley
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Hot Head
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Hot Head Smiley
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Red Hot
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Red Hot Smiley
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Screamer Smiley
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