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Anxious Smileys

Anxiety is not good for health. It leads to stress that can enhance the secretion of cortisol in the body and doctors across the world have advised people not to allow that. How can you avoid being anxious when you are anxious? Use some anxious smileys and correspond with a friend or a colleague. Talking to someone you know can really lighten things up and the best attribute of our anxious animated smileys is that they are sweet, cool and engaging enough to bring a smile onto your face. They say laughter is a good cure to a lot of things. Well, we aren't sure of all that it can cure but it surely lessens stress and anxiety.
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Waiting Smiley
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Shy Smiley
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Shy Girl
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Shy Girl Smiley
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Nervous Smiley
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Nervous Smiley
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Spinnng Smiley
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Castaway Smiley
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Hear See Speak No Evil
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Hear See Speak No Evil Smiley
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Bang Your Head
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Bang Your Head Smiley
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Insane Smiley
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Weight Of The World
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Weight Of The World Smiley
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